The day before yesterday, when I was out with my camera, looking for something to shoot, I saw her. Playing with her brother, she was like the bundle of joy, filled with innocence and cuteness. She stared at the camera for a while and turned away.
I took this shot while she was heading back to her parents before anyone could notice. #cuteness#childhood#innocence

Chandigarh……….. The city beautiful.

After an extended holiday, I’m back with another snap taken at Chandigarh.
One of interesting trips.
Friend, new city, water fall and sunset.
It is always interesting to see what come to your way when you go to an unplanned trip. Though the visit to Chandigarh was for some official purpose, it ended up fun filled.
Dehradun Diaries
The photograph is from my recent visit of Doon, an unplanned trip. After around 7 hours long journey, it was quite relaxing to see the city from the hills. The aura was awesome. We were quite busy in our arguments when I thought of trying long exposure. It was hard to keep the camera stable as I was not carrying a tripod and somehow I manage to capture this.

In the woods.. The photograph taken in Nainital while exploring the place. It was quite raining above the hills and the mist had covered the entire scene for almost 2 hours and lake was gone missing.
We were waiting for the rain to stop and then I found this under a shelter.

Here comes the first photograph from recent Nainital trip
The hills itself has a very important place as it happened to be the first hill station I visited.   When I visited this place back in 2012, I couldn’t explore the place much. I couldn’t resist myself from capturing theses flowers when arrived at the nearby waterfall called Sarital which is around 7 KM from Nainital. (30 to 45 min Drive).The place was fully packed with tourists. The point of attraction was a waterfall flowing down to the roots of hills. Unfortunately, failed to capture the fall as it was packed by dozens of love birds were busy taking selfies and then I found these.

Clicked at f/7.1 and ISO 100, processed in Light Room for detailing.

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Rain Drop..

Nature has always been the best subject for me when it comes to photography. I always wanted to capture the best of nature & still looking forward to it.

In the following image, I tried to frame a rain drop on leaves, just after the rain.

The Splash.. Here comes another one from Archive. Shot at the same place, in rainy season, I called it The Splash.

In the beginning, I was curious watching people doing selective coloring and I always wanted to do the same.
Shot with Canon 700D at  1/125 sec f/5.6 and ISO 800.
Processed to get the selective coloring effect.